Welcome to both members and visitors alike to the official Burton Model Flying Club web site.  Burton Model Flying club is a long-established club with some truly excellent facilities to cater for all Radio Controlled flying from its 12-acre field near Anslow village just outside Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire. 

The BMFC is a club that caters for all kinds of radio controlled flying from small model electric flight to large model aircraft, jet turbines, helicopters and even drones.  The field has two well-kept grass runways.  You can see the Google View on our Flying Site page

The flying hours are during daylight hours 9.am to 8.pm (or dusk) Monday to Saturday and from 9.am to 2pm electric flying thereafter until dusk on Sunday

The Club has a prefabricated clubhouse on the site for the convenience of the members and their guests.  We intend to run some club competitions and some social events on the flying field this year to welcome and encourage the many new members  to get to know the others.  

Like many other Clubs, we have to be mindful of the impact of flying on nearby householders and the ever present threat of noise complaints. that continue to cause such difficulty to other model flying clubs, even to the point of losing their flying field altogether.  Therefore, we do trust members to ensure that they and their guests do conform to our rules and fly safely.  Whilst the Club stipulates that all members must also hold BMFA insurance (and be prepared to show their BMFA (link: https://bmfa.org/Info/BMFA-Insurances/Insurance) membership card on request by other members), the Club committee has not as yet seen the need to insist that all members must hold their ‘A’ certificate to fly at our flying field (although many do).

Junior flying is encouraged but only on the basis that they are accompanied by their parent, guardian or adult close family member.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this web site with it’s range of interesting features for members such as News and interesting articles in the blogs for all.  If you want to join , go to the Contacts Page.